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Baby's 1st Hair Cut

I don't have children (unless you count my pug babies) but I have heard your baby's first hair cut is a day to cherish. Just like all the other first experiences they are to have, there is an air of excitement, pride and knowing a key memory is being made right then and there.  Well, that's how I viewed my 1st trim since growing my own new sprouts after losing my hair.

My hair was very quickly taking the shape of a less majestic version of Jack Black in Nacho Libre...

Even though I was fully enjoying my 2 inches of fur, the straggles over my ears and down my neck had to go. I popped into a barber and explained my situation, saying I merely wanted a tiny tidy up, nothing off the length because I wanted to keep it as feminine as possible. They kindly advised me it was best for my first time to go to a hair dressers just to make sure I get exactly what I ask for. So that's what I did, I took myself next door to a Tony & Guy (nice and fancy) and 'luckily' (I sa…

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