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Toughest Mountain Yet

To those of you who aren't aware, in February 2019 I finished 6 months of gruelling chemo for Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma and in March heard those magical words 'No sign of activity!' Remission was reached and I have spent the last few months celebrating and learning to love and accept this new normal, or as I prefer to think of it 'The evolution of Georgie.' With my 27th birthday fast approaching I had decided that seen as my 26th year went to shit, I might as well redo it! So this year I will happily watch everyone else age, however I shall not. I mean to me, this seems rather logical. I missed a year of being able to grow and experience all my plans to take over the world, so I shall take the laws of the universe into my own hands and stop time. Makes perfect sense.

There was a slight hiccup to my plan... with the Tippex on my passport not even dried yet I received my 3 month scan results. Signs of activity, the cancer is back.


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